8 Tips for arranging a Lovely Vignette Style Tips

Seeing the titles of the post must have got you wondering, what is a vignette? According to the dictionary, vignette is defined as many things. But in terms of interior decoration, it is referred as creating arrangement or display around your home which gives a lovely picture. In simple words, vignette is nothing but little spaces that makes you stop and appreciate a collection of items displayed in a pleasant manner.

Take a look at the below image to get a hint of what a vignette looks like:

A Vignette or Tables cape is something that adds character to your place. It can be arranged anywhere, all you need is a flat surface, some good lighting sources, displaying objects in odd numbers and varying heights & textures to create a dept, and finally color coordination and themes that support the style of your room and there you have a perfect vignette telling a story of its own!


1. Find a Spot for your Vignette:

A Vignette can be arranged on almost any flat surface: A table, shelf, dresser, nightstand, window sill, and almost any spot you feel is ideal to create your little pockets of loveliness which is sure to become the focal point of the room!  A simple and elegant vignette can be arranged on a coffee table with just a large enough tray to display decorative items in a pleasing manner.



2. Choose a Theme & a Complimenting Background:

Choose a theme for your vignette that portrays the story you want to convey. For instance, this floral theme vignette looks intriguing with a picture in green and white background which makes you want to lean closer and bask in the bliss of nature. You can prop up the vignette with layers of related accessories like woven baskets and weathered flower pots.



3. Vary in textures and color coordination of the objects:

The modern vignette looks well balanced with the splashes of colors that are in perfect coordinate to the picturesque scene. A combination of rough and shiny accessories against the artwork backdrop introduces an unexpected array of textures and colors to the vignette.



4. Display the Objects in Odd number:

Creating a vignette in multiple levels can be interesting as the objects of similar shape, size and color together are placed in odd numbers for a maximum impact. Here a group of horizontal piles of books placed across a clutter of odd number of vertical vases create a visual punch for the viewers.



5. Use a Lamp or Candles as a Light Source:

Including a table lamp or candle brings some height to the arrangement and illuminates the vignette display. Art is used a creative backdrop for your vignette along with other smaller objects of varied heights like vase of blossoms and photo frames resting upon walnut console table.



6. Vary in height of the objects:

Add a designer zing to your living area with an interesting vignette! This scene is a composition object displayed in varying heights with the stacks of books creating a platform for smaller objects and mid-century media items like the camera & telephone and a vase of palmate leave used for elevating the scene.


Vignette 6

7. Use Mirrors or paintings to create a Depth:

The sunburst mirror creates a dimensional backdrop for the vignette. The objects are placed from the back of the flat surface to the front instead of in a straight line or are leaning them against a mirror to create a sense of depth. It makes the room look more polished and pulled together.



8. Choose objects to support the style and theme of your room:

If the room is casual, go for asymmetrical grouping instead of symmetrical which is suitable for a formal room. A classic way to draw your viewer into your vignette story is by using a traditional whitewashed decorative truck as a base for displaying your arched table lamp and tops it up with a contrasting antique camera.

You can start off with these styling tips to arrange your vignette and create a beautiful still life that creates interest and communicate to the viewers. Since you can make a vignette on top of any flat surface, just start off with choosing a bare spot and accessories it with vases, mirrors, plants, photos or other personal belongings to create a mood which appeals to the eyes of the viewer.


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