Do-Up Your Entrance Style Tips

First impression is the last the impression. You only get one chance to make a statement for your house, starting with the foyer entrance where you welcome your guests into your home. Whether it is a house or an apartment, there is a list of styling’s tip that will ring a bell while decorating your entrance, the goal should be to create a warm, welcoming space that would give a preview to the guests of what to expect upon entering the home.


Create a warm welcome to your guest with this green-and-white wallpapers and a narrow console table which becomes the perfect dropping zone to toss your mails, car keys and other décor pieces that you find attractive like the flower vase.

foyer 20

Create an enchanting entrance packed with in the warmth of bold-yellow accent wallpapers. Let the console table serve as a landing pad for your personal display items and the woven basket underneath allow for out-of-sight storage of other objects residing beside the small stool. The framed round mirror reflects the light from the wall sconces making the place look bigger and warmer.

foyer 15

Don’t know what to do with the little nook in the foyer? Just brush it up with striking blue-and-white pattern wallpaper with minimal mix and matched furnishing such as a black painted dresser alongside an umbrella stand and a wooden framed mirror for a dramatic effect in the narrow entryway.

foyer 22

Dress up your foyer in rustic yet refined covers of sophistication with paisley wallpapers and mid-century chair that offers an inviting spot to relax and admire the display on wall. The blue-accent table lamp sitting on the end table becomes the focal point in the entrance.

Foyer 6

The foyer looks inviting and promising of a warm stay. The default blue door and vibrant-red console table, upon which rest a vase of sunflowers brings life to the entryway. The hanging drum lights, the mirror framing the walls and the vase sitting below the console table enhances the beauty of the place.

FOyer 7

The build-in cabinetry transforms this entrance into a functional space for storing hats, scarf’s, bags and the like which wards away the clutter and makes space for your belongings in accessible and organized manner. The hanging candelabra and the checked fabric on the seat cushions add an extra charm to the mudroom.


Engage your guest immediately by creating an eye-catching wall display in your entrance. A mix of family photos and artistic sketches frame the wall and the half moon palette table does the trick for creating a pretty entryway.

foyer decoration

Make a grand entrance with style elements like the statement pendant chandelier flooding extra light in the hallway and pop of blue-accent entry dresser is convenient for storing your mail repository or simply for displaying your art objects.  

foyer 8

A classic tactic for a stunning entrance with a soft touch is a single vase of fresh-white lilies nesting on a chic accent table and staircase lined with aesthetic art framed to match the beauty of simplicity.

Foyer 9

Bring your guest home through an elegant entrance highlighted with a large and bold piece of aesthetic artwork shining on the brick backdrop. Lighten up the dark pathway with ceiling fixtures and lovely candles resting on the floating shelf displaying your elements of décor.

With the help of these styling tips, you can bring a welcoming statement in the entryway for your guests to a central station for your family. Let the entryway décor’s define the style of the rest of your house.


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