Glam up your Bar Trolley Style Tips

There’s something undeniably chic about a bar cart. Whether you’re getting yourself an after-work cocktail or hosting a party, there’s no denying that the visual pleasure one gets from a bar that’s sleek and swanky is fascinating plus- It’s convenient and fun to play around with.

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Setting up a Bar Cart with style is no different than designing a corner in your home. You can simply organize a beautiful trolley which will instantly transform into the coolest mini bar corner of your room. All you need to do is stock it up with ice bucket, wine cooler, cocktail shakers, glasses and other colorful things and Ta-Da! Your perfectly organized and designed mini bar comes to life!

Take a look at these 7 styling tips to transform a beat up bar cart into a thing of beauty that showcases you fancy appetizers and drinks..

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To start off with something that is pocket friendly and doesn’t occupy too much room– A Tray! The polished wooden tray serves as a sophisticated bar cart that provides a visual escape filled with warmth and relaxation while the shiny chromes keep things lively and upbeat.

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A stylish bar cart makes a sophisticated addition to any corner in the room. In order to get an organized and functional bar cart, use multi-level trays that would divide the cart into different zones and each zone can be dedicated to specific essentials, say your glassware or liquor bottles.

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The zig-zag silver-lined bar cart is styled up with colors, patterns and textures on one platform. The custom coasters, the grouped liquor bottlers, the ice bucket, the silver straws and the cocktail napkins not only add style but also notch up the function level of the bar cart.

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The ancient cart on the wheels is transformed into a modern treasure packed with unique bar tools, glassware’s, pretty liquor bottles and a pineapple decanters which could serves as  real show-stopper while serving wine.

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The gold faux bamboo bar cart is amazingly arranged in a vignette with glossy black shade table lamp complimenting the white stools with black velvet seat cushions. The glossy bar cart is stocked up glassware, ice bucket, shaker and bottles of wine and champagne.

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The vintage two-tier golden cart is dressed with the bar essentials including beverages, ice bucket, strainer, juicer, shaker, blender, bottle opener, corkscrew and variety of glassware that compliments your drinks. The printed wall papers and the classic candle holders add a pizzazz to the chic bar.

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The dual purpose retro cart looks fabulous with top tray serving as a console table for the white & pink blossoms, a chic box and an aesthetic painting framing the golden floral walls. The base tray serves as a bar for nesting the fancy glassware collection and cocktail bottles.

With these styling tips, you can to create your own unique bar cart that not only get the party started but also showcase your style and personality. So raise the bar and entertain in style!


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  1. Gauri chib Says: April 27, 2016 at 4:59 am

    Lovely creativity , didn’t think a simple barcart could be styled in so many different ways .

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