A Look inside John Abraham’s “Villa In The Sky” Celebrity homes

John Abraham, one of the hunkiest stars of Bollywood known for his unbelievable stunts and actions in super-hit movies like Race 2, Dhoom and the latest Rocky Handsome, has got more than good looks and acting skills. He is in fact, one of the smartest real estate owners around the exclusive areas of the world!

Let us take a look into one of the reputed properties owned by actor- The “Villa in the Sky” Penthouse-  Duplex style house covering an area of around 5000 sq. ft. nesting in the arms of Bandra Bandstand, Mumbai. The luxury 2-storey apartment is constructed of glass and wood throughout.

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The “Villa in the Sky” was a project by Indian Studio AJA or ‘Abraham John Architects”, which is a interior firm run by the Celebs Father Abraham John & Brother Alan Abraham who had managed to infuse warm personality into the luxurious cliff top penthouse custom designed for the beloved actor John Abraham.

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The living room with neutral-white wall accent and wooden finish looks warm, earthly and functional with no unnecessary clutters- it has no wall paintings or photo frames hung on wall, which conveys his thoughts of simplicity.

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The balcony space was converted in a cantilevered wood and steel staircase that goes from the dining and living room.

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The Terraces consist of Glass walled media house and in built home theater which have been incorporated on the concept of open space, that blurs the lines between the inside and outside space in a very sophisticated and serene manner.

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The open kitchen is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities including SS island platform alongside the dinning tables and chairs carved out of pieces of teak which complements the enclosed kitchen.

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The Master bedroom is a luxurious space which consist of lavish walk in wardrobe and a private sky-lit terrace overlooking the sea.

The master bathroom suite consist of all the contemporary adornments including a Jacuzzi and a 130 inch projector screen and provides a great view of the sea and greenery outside.

One of the biggest perks of “Villa in the Sky” is the Views of the Arabian Sea and beautiful landscape which invokes a refreshing feeling and connection to the natural environment, which is a rare view to find in the city.

It was the determination of AJA who managed to transform the two separate apartment of the top floor of a mundane building into a Lavish Penthouse sketched in contemporary veins in a span of just 14 months! As Alan Abraham had said “Our design theory is to work around nature without giving up the comforts of a modern home’ , ‘A neutral palette inspired by tones of nature gives longevity to a design. We believe it’s the people who bring colour into a house.” and this sleek residence is a living proof of his theory or else who would have imagined a cozy heaven enveloped in green folds could have possibly existed right in the heart of a crowded city!


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