Style Your Home With Bohemian Décor Style Tips

Are you considering an interior design for your home or office? But you’re looking for something “out-of-the-box” style that is unique and speaks of your personality. Then it’s time to infuse the Bohemian Décor in your home, which is sure to make your renovation process equally challenging and fun. But first, let understand the specialty of Bohemian.

The word bohemian date back to 1800’s which was used to describe the lifestyle of the wanderers and people who did not agree with social and political views of that time. So if you are the free-spirited type, who dares to explore experiment and re-invent things and doesn’t want to be a slave of any rule when it comes to styling your home, then bohemian is the best style for your home.

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Since bohemian décor is especially designed for artistic type of people who like to think out of the box, it gives an ample opportunity to break the rules, mix and match things and play with colors and patterns.

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Check out the list of amazing ideas for a bohemian style decor which can inspire you to infuse a Boho- Moroccan feel to your house.

  1. Keep It “Busy” & “Random”

If you want a nice and neat, a totally organized foundation for your furnishing and accessories, then take a step back and run from bohemian style of decoration. Because, bohemian style is exactly the opposite! It allows you to stray in a direction and break free of rigid norms by encouraging you to be busy and seemingly random.

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Incorporate these Bohemian Home Décor into your rooms to give a warm Moroccan feel to it. You can use many bright colors or saturated and dark colors, whatever suites your taste.

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Transform your living room into air boho-chic fledged with complimenting vegetation. Do not hesitate to hang on the wall your memories and collectibles, and see how all the space comes to life!

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2. Tune in to Mix-and-Match

Instead of opting for order and symmetrical furnishing which complements the overall style of a room, break the rules and throw in mixed-and-match furniture’s and accessories.  For instance, these vibrant lamps and statement cushion covers bring in a Moroccan feel that instantly creates a little piece of magic.

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Apart from the mix and match furniture’s, Bohemian interiors are full of plants and greenery, more so than furniture’s. So don’t forget to incorporate a touch of green with leafy decor – whether it’s hanging from the walls or in form of tiny plants.

Bohemian Decor (5)3. Don’t Leave any Bare Spots.

See an empty corner? Fill it. Bare spot on any wall? Cover it. The bohemian interiors are full with accessories so loose the emptiness of bare spaces using throws on naked furniture pieces, painting on bare walls, or antiques and figurines for displaying out and about.

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Bright accent pillows and old guitar combined with moroccan inspired lanterns and asymmetric wall displays create a boho-vibe to your room.

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4. Don’t hold Anything Back:

When deciding on what accessories to use, don’t hold back on anything. One of the perks of bohemian interior design is, you can pile to your heart’s content because more is never more. So you can dive right in with decorative items such as candles, artwork, souvenirs, ottomans, lanterns pillow throw backs and photos that bring you joy.

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A  white Bohemian interiors is easy to pull– fur, printed pillows, different fabrics, leathers and plants—create a exquisite bohemian look for a neutral room.

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5. Have Fun Creating your style:

Interject your artistic side into this bohemian interior style with bold hues and rich textures. Don’t shy away from exploring vibrant colored walls and pairing them with other bold colors and patterns which create a scene right out of a bright Mexican bazaar.

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Layers of Patterns and borders are typical in Bohemian style, especially in bright or earthy tones. So combine them with other fluid and geometric patterns in pillows, curtains and bedding to create eclectic décor scheme.

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6. Break rules … But in Style:

Mix and match furniture and accessories to your hearts delight, however – while the idea of throwing everything together sounds simple enough, if it is not carefully designed, then your interior décor will simply be referred to as chaotic. So allow a little rhyme and sense to show through before tossing everything in a pile.

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Boho meets chic when a soft color palette styled with a dark contrasting patterned rug and neutral sofa’s accessorized with an array of printed pillows makes for the ultimate chic-boho-inspired space.

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7. Boho is More and More:

Personalize your space with more and more because embracing bohemian style induces a sense of stuffed-to-the-brim.  Boho-chic interior should appear busy, almost chaotic, and yet confident and happy in its fullness. Cover the walls with beloved items, fill the surface with colors and textures and layer them with layers over layers, as if to pack a space with as much personality as possible.


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So, now with bohemian inspiration, you can dare to mix elements that previously did not have any connection with taste and class that meets your own unique style and personality. After all, it’s Your House.. Your Style.


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